Yoga | Liveaboard Yoga Sailing & Diving Vacation

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  • Meditate to the sounds of tranquility

  • Your senses come alive with ocean breezes on your skin

  • Tap into the energy centers to detoxify, strengthen and calm

  • Encompass the water, sun and sky with breath and movement

Have you dreamed about a private liveaboard yoga vacation? Imagine spreading out your mat on the foredeck of Zeppelin with turquoise blue water surrounding you. Your senses come alive with the breezes of the ocean on your skin, the sweet aroma of local flowers from the nearby shoreline and the sounds of singing birds in the trees. This is the wonderful blend of nature and yoga at its finest. Now you can truly connect your mind, body and breath as you enjoy your practice.

While you are a guest on Zeppelin you can do your own practice each morning or be led in a practice by Elly, Certified Yoga Teacher. Our yoga practice will consist of a blend of Kundalini and Hatha to open and release the energy that is stored at the base of the spine and link movement and breath, building heat within to stretch and strengthen our muscles. Throughout our practice we will tap into the energy centres or chakras to detoxify the organs, strengthen the immune system, calm the nervous system and open our hearts and minds.

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yoga roatan

You can choose how many mornings you would like to practice. This is your vacation. If you haven’t tried yoga and would like to learn, this is the perfect setting to do so. One-on-one private instruction tailored to you.

What a perfect way to begin the day… your own private liveaboard yoga practice!

Continuing your vacation after your Zeppelin liveaboard?  Elly also teaches yoga on land. Private classes at your villa or resort are available. Email

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After being a student of yoga for nearly 10 years, in 2007 Elly moved on from corporate life to pursue personal interests and develop a deeper understanding of mind, body and spiritual health through her love of yoga, aqua fit, fitness coaching and scuba diving. She received her CYT Yoga Instructor certification in 2008 and in addition to Hatha, she has taken specialized teacher training in Kundalini, Yin, and Vinyasa Flow. Elly has had the joy of teaching a blended style of Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini yoga to fellow sailing cruisers, tourists and local residents throughout Canada, USA, Mexico, El Salvador, Panama and Roatan.

Elly taught Roatan Yoga public classes at Parrot Tree Marina, just east of French Harbor. She also taught private yoga at resorts and villas for visiting guests to the island.

In addition, Elly teaches aqua fit classes. A fabulous way to improve fitness and tone up in the water. Her classes provide a balance of aerobic, muscular strength and endurance components – giving you a total workout with little impact on joint stress.  Workout intensity is moderate and appropriate for all levels.

“For me, teaching yoga is an amazing experience. It gives me great gratification and happiness to be able to help students experience the profound effect yoga has on their lives. Without a doubt Yoga changes lives. It has changed mine and I see it transform the lives of others. The practice is unique to each person, connecting their body, mind and breath as they shift towards serenity and discover a whole new way of being.”

roatan yoga

Have you thought about the ultimate Yoga holiday? This is not just a retreat, this is a yoga holiday with a splash of adventure tossed in!

We are pleased to partner with visiting Yoga Masters and local resorts to offer Yoga Retreats rich with daily yoga, meditation, delicious healthy meals, snorkeling, white sandy beaches, kayaking, ocean cliff side trails, island touring and plenty of time to relax in a tropical utopia.

Your yoga holiday offers you the ideal way to take a break from your everyday life and surround yourself with nature, solitude, tranquility and new friendships. Whether you are new to Yoga or a well-established Yogi, this holiday will help you quickly find your way back to balance and inner peace.

In addition to your daily practice and meditation you can choose to explore the incredible island of Roatan on guided adventures such as zip lining through the canopy tops, scuba diving the nearby reefs and walls, strolling around the tropical gardens, shopping for handmade Honduras trinkets and afterwards devouring a luscious smoothie in the village of West End.

We take care of all the arrangements and details for our visiting Yoga Masters and our Yoga guests. To receive more information please email

You can indulge in a week at a Yoga Retreat on the island of Roatan followed by a private liveaboard sailing charter.  Morning yoga, scuba diving, snorkeling and relaxing on the water aboard SY Zeppelin for a superb Caribbean vacation