Family Liveaboard Diving | Roatan Liveaboard Dive Trip Adventure

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Best Scuba Diving Caribbean Locations: Roatan, Honduras
March 14, 2018
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Family Liveaboard Diving | Roatan Liveaboard Dive Trip Adventure

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Scuba diving is a wonderful family activity that provides a great opportunity for parents and kids to interact and spend quality time together exploring the fascinating underwater world. A private liveaboard dive vacation is one of the best ways to do this, there are no electronic distractions and something new and exciting can be discovered every day. When you go to the right locations you can spend the entire time diving in no more than 25 feet of water and see an outstanding variety of life, the Bay Islands of Honduras are one of those locations.

We recently took a family of four from the Cayman Islands, two adult certified divers and their daughters aged 10 and 12, on a liveaboard dive trip around the Bay Islands. Even though the Cayman Islands are one of the premier dive locations in the world they chose to come to Roatan and join us for their family Caribbean liveaboard dive trip due to the unique combination of a private charter that included sailing as well as diving, with the opportunity for lots of land-based activities and land exploration of the beautiful Bay Islands.

The one on one instruction that their daughters received during the Introductory Scuba Program and subsequent dives on shallow reefs provided them with the confidence to relax and enjoy the experience. It was an easy, gentle way to be introduced to the sport in ideal conditions and at the end of the trip, they were hooked on diving. The family went home to Grand Cayman with the girls enthusiastically looking forward to starting their Junior Open Water Courses and one of them announcing that she is going to be a Marine Biologist!

Experience a Roatan Liveaboard Dive Trip Adventure

For those that may not be aware, a private liveaboard trip is exactly what it sounds like. You and your family or friends get to embark on an adventure on a boat that you will live in and dive from for the duration of your trip. Liveaboard diving Caribbean vacations offer recreational PADI divers a unique experience to discover untouched and pristine coral reefs brimming with colorful fish and marine life. If sailing the gorgeous open waters surrounding Roatan while diving at your leisure without the hassle of having to return to shore each day sounds like an ideal getaway to you, it is time to start planning your liveaboard Caribbean vacation with Zeppelin. Oh, did we mention our yummy home cooked meals, scrumptious snacks, and delicious drinks?

Take a look at this video compilation of the snorkeling, diving, and exploring we experienced with this wonderful family. If you have kids that are interested in learning to dive we would love to have you join us for an excellent family adventure!