Catamaran Tours

We are pleased to announce that we have recently sold Raya Aguila and our Day Sail and Snorkel charter business to a wonderful couple Rob & Natasha Rhorer.  Since February 2018 they have enjoyed many sailing and snorkeling tours, meeting onboard guests and getting to know the island’s beautiful destinations. The fantastic crew that have been with Raya Aguila for the past 3 years – Captain Andrew and First Mate/Snorkel Guide Extraordinaire Alan look forward to having you onboard in the coming months to once again provide you with the same exceptional service, sailing and snorkeling experiences.

Their new charter company AMAVI Charters from the Latin phrase Vini, Vidi, Amavi –“I came, I saw, I loved” matches beautifully with their philosophy… “Do what you love and do it with love.”   For tour information and packages –

Thank you for your interest in our Day Sail & Snorkel, Sunset or Cruise Ship packages, you are now being redirected to AMAVI Charters website.